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Our Story

Here at Simple Days Beer, we emphasize the importance of taking it easy when life itself can seem a little hectic. Our name was born from this idea, and we welcome you to take part in it.  We believe that brewing is an art as much as it is a science, and the flavor of the beer is the key.

Our brewery stemmed from a hobby, and continued to grow from an educational program.  It was further nurtured and recipes developed to produce high quality beer. Our mission is to master the science of brewing, while you enjoy the art of our beer.


Simple Days Beer is opening our doors Fall 2020 in a cozy, storefront property located in the heart of East Greenville. We are a microbrewery focused on producing Consistently Good Beer. The idea behind Simple Days Beer is to develop a warm, welcoming environment, that will allow people a place to relax and enjoy the moment with friends, family, and loved ones. At Simple Days Beer, we encourage you to sit back and relax, savor the flavor of a crisp, cold, beer while the busy aspects of our lives are paused, even for a brief moment.

Sit back, drink up, and enjoy a Simple Days Beer!

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